Turn the Page

Tears silently roll down her cheeks.

I navigate the never ending detours as the Pennsylvania “state flowers” are in full bloom; the reflective orderly rows of orange and white whiz past my open driver’s window.

“Are you crying?”, I asked.

“No!”, my wife, Camette, lied through gentle sobs.

We are in route from our house, our first house, to the attorney’s office to sign the closing papers on the sale. The house where we’ve laid the five year foundation of our marriage, and now it’s going to be occupied by another family.


A Bit About Us

When we were moving in we had a very different mindset. We were five years younger, I was working in insurance, and we had typical traditional objectives, but it didn’t take too long for our objectives to shift. Gradually our priorities have adjusted from desires of a white picket fence with 2.2 children and keeping up with the Jones’ to focusing on experiences. Several factors have influenced this mindset. To be brief, reasons include the ever unevenly growing inflation to income gap, finding peace through minimalism, thirst for adventure/travel, and understanding how experiences are the new social currency.

Social currency. The size of your house, the number of garage doors, the year/model of the car you drive, the size of your T.V., the extensive collections of memorabilia you’ve accumulated and so on were once coveted as it declared your status in this world. We are learning of a paradigm shift in which people are exchanging these THINGS for experiences. Experiences are the new social currency. Travel, culture, art, language and so much more are what I find to make people interesting. I would be more interested to meet someone with a pocket full of stories than hear someone brag about their new car and how expensive it was. To put it frankly, hearing someone boast about their possessions is off-putting for me.

As of this writing, I am 30 years old, have a B.A. in English and drive a garbage truck. There is so much more in this life that I wish to accomplish and I want you to follow the progression as this hopeful story unfolds.



I have been part of Rotary International for 5 years. With the Rotary Club of Johnstown, we did a project through First Book, in which we received for FREE, sorted, and distributed 40,000 books to impoverished kids. This was awesome. It touched me deeply to do this good work and with my love of storytelling, it was especially dear to my heart. An experience like this is what we call “A Rotary Moment”. When through your Rotary project you experience a deep human connection where it clicks, in a sense of enlightenment. This book project was my Rotary Moment.


The Goal

My wife and I (Along with our 3 TINY dogs) will embark on a 12 month road trip to see the country, visit 49 states, and HOPEFULLY partner with Rotary Clubs to do this First Book project in each state.

There is a lot of work to be accomplished before this can even start. I hope that you come back to learn of our progress and encourage us to press forward.

So when I told you about selling the house, that is what I call Phase One of the Master Plan. Please come back as the story unfolds.


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